How much is your idea worth?

Yesterday I read a post on TechCrunch that Walmart bought ‘Social Calendar’. In most cases I ignore this kind of news, but this one was particularly interesting for me.

The thing is that several years ago I was working at a small company and we built the same application. Yes, I mean exactly the same. I spent several months developing it, we were very careful about our ‘launching strategy’ and finally the day had come when we opened it for public. I was really excited. What happened next? Well, nothing really. Several months later we had 100 customers, most of whom were our friends. ┬áDid that mean that the idea was not very bright? For my boss that was definitely the case.

The lesson that I learned yesterday is the same lesson that I learn every day by looking at people who say “I’ll tell you about my idea but you have to sign this NDA”. Your idea is worth nothing. NOTHING. Exactly 0. What’s worth millions (sometimes billions) of dollars is the implementation. Our company and ‘Social Calendar’ had the same idea, but what the difference was in the execution. The guys from ‘Social Calendar’ could execute it right and they are probably millionaires by now. We could not. That makes all the difference in the world.

So, “How much is your idea worth?”. Zero.

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