How to get motorcycle driver’s license in California

I just recently got my M-1 driver’s license in California and I wanted to share my experience.

Here’s the step-by-step process how to get your license in the easiest possible way:

  1. Sign up for motorcycle courses. Even if you know how to ride and have a lot of experience – DO THAT. I went to these guys and was extremely happy with the results. The thing about these courses is that you will get their certification which will allow you not to take the test at DMV which is MUCH harder. Plus you will get a good discount on your insurance. Plus you will get a lot of knowledge about motorcycles and how to ride them safely. If you’re just starting – these courses are MUST have. They will teach you how to ride a bike even if you’ve never seen one before.
  2. Courses have 2 parts: evening theory class and 2 days of riding for 6 hours. Do that first before going to DMV, you’ll learn A LOT. You will have to pass written test at the end of that evening class and also show your skills after 2 days of riding. It should be easy enough – every one from my group successfully passed.
  3. Safety is #1 importance for them, so pay attention! Some people were not admitted to ride a bike, because they did not wear proper boots (have to cover your ankles), so they had to come some other day. Don’t worry about the helmet – you can use one of theirs.
  4. After the courses you will get a certificate that you should bring to DMV.
  5. Get the handbook and read it. Seriously, read it! The test is not that easy and ALL questions are in this handbook.
  6. Go to DMV to take the written test. You will have 3 attempts. There are 25 questions in the test. You can make 4 mistakes on your first attempt and only 2 on your 2nd and 3rd attempts. I highly recommend you come prepared (read the handbook).
  7. That’s it. Now you have to give them your orange certificate and they will mail you your new DL.
  8. Don’t forget to mention your certificate when you get your bike insurance – it will save you some extra money.

Drive safely!

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